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Mridu Parikh


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Buried in information, follow-ups, emails, Dr’s appointments, team roles, family commitments, and next steps, your lists are a mile long. Pile on the endless strategies, social media, and contradicting advice — and it’s no wonder you’re in confusion.

Either drowning in it – or – paralyzed by it.

You’re super capable, smart, and driven – yet you feel so overwhelmed.

I’m Mridu (Mri-thu) Parikh, and I help ambitious professionals go from overwhelmed and overloaded to in control and confident, so they thrive at work AND at home.

I’ve spent almost a decade as a Professional Organizer, in-home and coaching clients around the world. I wore every hat from marketing my services and building a global community, to creating profitable online products – before expanding my focus on reaching your goals at home to reaching your goals at work.

If you want to learn more about how I partner with driven people like you in their career and life, email me at mridu@lifeisorganized or call me at 917-699-5495.
Life Is Organized
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