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Mridu Parikh


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Buried in information, follow-ups, emails, Dr’s appointments, team roles, family commitments, and next steps, your lists are a mile long. Pile on the endless strategies, social media, and contradicting advice — and it’s no wonder you’re in confusion.

Either drowning in it – or – paralyzed by it.

You’re super capable, smart, and driven – yet you feel so overwhelmed.

I’m Mridu (Mri-thu) Parikh, and I help ambitious professionals attract their dream life, by working with more purpose, focus, and ease.

I’ve spent almost a decade as a Professional Organizer, in-home and coaching clients around the world. I wore every hat from marketing my services and building a global community, to creating profitable online products – before expanding my focus on reaching your goals at home to reaching your goals at work.

I’m obsessed with success habits to take back control of your day, time, and relationships while actually enjoying the process.

If you want to learn more about how I partner with driven people like you in their career and life, email me at mridu@lifeisorganized or call me at 917-699-5495.
Life Is Organized
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