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Sara Skillen


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I'm Sara Skillen, and I'm the founder and owner of SkillSet Coaching & Organizing. A former educator, musician, and paralegal, I've worked in just about every kind of setting you can imagine - from a converted janitor's closet, to a cubicle in a huge corporation, to telecommuting from my home office. In all of these situations I was intrigued by the ways our environments and habits can affect our work and productivity.

I serve creative, curious, overwhelmed people who want to learn how to manage their stuff, their time, and their tasks. In particular, many of my clients experience the organizing challenges associated with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and/or other brain-based conditions. I’ve seen up close how the combination of organizing and coaching can build confidence, relief, and peace of mind, and I use a highly personalized approach to tackle their toughest organizing and productivity challenges. Still a teacher at heart, I want to help you thrive in your distracting world.
SkillSet Coaching & Organizing
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