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Stephanie Belanger


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I’m a bacon-loving resident of Tennessee by way of Canada. I love spending time with my family, my dog, hiking, golfing, and exploring new places. In addition to organizing, designing creative and healthy meals with my husband is another passion of mine.

​ Growing up I’ve watched and admired my mother reorganize and declutter our home. The feeling of serenity that overcame me after this transformation is something that has followed me into adulthood. Now I get a strong sense of peace and accomplishment when I bring organization and structure into a space… a feeling I want to bring to others.

​ My professional history includes a career in the Travel Industry, Flooring Design & Sales, Administrative Support for Canadian Government offices and Coordinating the Sale of Construction Equipment through Online Auctions. From managing logistics to providing administrative support, my purpose has always been to help others. In my personal time, I reveled in helping family and friends find simple systems to reclaim their spaces, and helped bring peace to their lives. Being the person who brings order out of chaos, function out of clutter, and turns home & office back into ​a place you can relax and work more efficiently is very rewarding to me!

I’ve decided to turn my passion into a business and further my purpose by helping people in my community achieve order, space functionality and peace. ​I see potential for improved functionality everywhere and it gets me excited!
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