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This is the area of our website where we share inside secrets with the public. That means you! You will find helpful articles written by our members and tips and techniques from all over. We will update this page often so bookmark this page.

Helpful Articles- (click on title to see article)

Why hire a PO – and tips to getting the most out of it! by Liz Jenkins
Why Hire A PO by Liz Jenkins

Helpful Websites

These are sites that have wonderful information about organizing and organizing tips.

Help Organize Life – This site has tons of free information and real world advice about organizing every area of your life.

Real Simple

Organizing Junkie

The Container Store


Helpful Organizing Books

“The Floor is Not an Option!” by Sheila G. McCurdy

“Smart Organizing” by Sandra Felton

“Making Peace with the Things in Your Life” by Cindy Glovinsky

“The Organizing Sourcebook” by Kathy Waddill

“Organizing From the Inside Out” by Julie Morgenstern

“Let Go of Clutter” by Harriet Schechter

“How to Organize Just About Everything” by Peter Walsh

“1000 Best Quick and Easy Organizing Secrets” by Jamie Novak


Helpful Organizing Tools – Must Haves!

Freedom Filer Filing System

A Calendar – Simple but a much needed item.

Overhead Ceiling Mounted Shelving

Hanging Purse Rack

If you want an online filing solution check out Paper Tiger. Now you can organize your files in the cloud and link with Google Docs.


MailMate Shredder available at Staples and For those pesky junk mail files and a great way to fight Identity Theft.







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