Join NAPO Nashville

Are you interested in becoming a Professional Organizer?  Or are you already a NAPO National Member looking for a local NAPO chapter?  Look no further!  See information below to join us at NAPO Nashville.  We love visitors and would welcome the opportunity to meet you and share with you about our chapter.  Guests are welcome to attend any one meeting free of charge.  There is a $25 charge for repeat visits or you can purchase an introductory 3-meeting pass for $60.  Come check us out if you are exploring the field of professional organizing or if you are looking to link up with other professional organizers in the Nashville area.

Joining a NAPO chapter provides an organizer the opportunity to network with other professional organizers, to obtain professional information, educational opportunities, media exposure, support from other members, and much more…

  • Monthly Meetings
  • Chapter Website
  • Networking
  • Educational Materials & Programming
  • Vendor Discounts
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Publicity Opportunities
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Increased Credibility
  • Personal & Professional Support
  • Voting Privileges


There are many ways to join NAPO at the Nashville chapter level. Below is a breakdown of membership categories for you to see where you fit!

NAPO Nashville’s Membership year is October – September and all memberships must be renewed each September for the upcoming new year. If joining mid-year, a pro-rated fee for the first partial year will apply. All new applications (except for the employee category) are subject to a one- time $25.00 processing fee. Contact our membership director with any questions.

Please note that for ALL categories except for Corporate Associate Members you MUST JOIN NATIONAL BEFORE JOINING THE NASHVILLE CHAPTER. You can check out the different membership options for national here.

You must also join Nashville in the same membership category that you join NAPO national!

Nashville membership categories:

Industry Member: An individual who is a Professional or Provisional Member of NAPO National may join NAPO Nashville as a Industry Member. Member benefits include (but are not limited to) monthly chapter meetings and programming, company listing on the NAPO Nashville website, voting privileges and the ability to serve on the Board of Directors. $125.00 per year


Corporate Associate Member: Corporate Associate Members are those involved in the manufacture, distribution, or sale of organizing products and services. A corporate associate member shall designate one person as the NAPO Nashville representative. They will enjoy all the benefits of professional members. You do NOT need to join national before joining if this is the membership category where you fit. $175.00 per year

Employee of a Professional or Corporate Associate Member: Industry or Corporate Associate Members may choose to extend to their employees the opportunity to attend chapter meetings and special events and to participate in professional development opportunities offered by the chapter by purchasing an employee membership. Employee members do not have voting privileges and are not eligible to serve of the Board of Directors. $75.00 per year

Other membership categories include :

  •  Allied – for those who don’t sell their organizing and/or productivity services to the public
  • Academic – for teachers at the college level
  • Emeritus – for those at least 55 years old with 15 years in the organizing industry
  • Student – for full time college students interested in the organizing or productivity profession


Thinking about joining?

If you would like to join NAPO Nashville just follow the steps below.

  1. You will need to join the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) first. Join NAPO national online at
  2. You can fill out the online form here. If you are not paying online please mail  your check made payable to NAPO Nashville. Attention: Membership Director to P.O. Box 4108 Brentwood, TN 37024. You may also fill out the form online and bring payment to one of our meetings if you prefer. A receipt will be given to you for tax purposes.
  3. If you want to become an Association member you do not have to be a member of NAPO. You can download your application and mail the completed form and check made payable to NAPO Nashville. You are also welcome to join us at a meeting and bring your membership form then. A receipt will be given to you for tax purposes.

Below is the Code of Ethics that all Organizers in NAPO abide by.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is a set of principles to provide guidelines in our professional conduct with our clients, colleagues, and community. As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, I pledge to exercise judgment, self-restraint, and conscience in my conduct in order to establish and maintain public confidence in the integrity of NAPO members and to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of organizing.


Working Relationships

  • I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and will treat them with respect and courtesy.
  • I will offer services in those areas in which I am qualified and will accurately represent those qualifications in both verbal and written communications.
  • When unable or unqualified to fulfill requests for services, I will make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified organizers and/or other qualified professionals.
  • I will advertise my services in an honest manner and will represent the organizing profession accurately.


  • I will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, including that which may be revealed by other organizers.
  • I will use proprietary client information only with the client’s permission.
  • I will keep client information confidential and not use it to benefit myself or my firm, or reveal this information to others.


  • I will decide independently and communicate to my client in advance my fees and expenses, and will charge fees and expenses which I deem reasonable, legitimate, and commensurate with my experience, the services I deliver, and the responsibility I accept.
  • I will make recommendations for products and services with my client’s best interests in mind.


  • I will seek and maintain an equitable, honorable, and cooperative association with other NAPO members and will treat them with respect and courtesy.
  • I will respect the intellectual property rights (materials, titles, and thematic creations) of my colleagues, and other firms and individuals, and will not use proprietary information or methodologies without permission.
  • I will act and speak on a high professional level so as not to bring discredit to the organizing profession.