“The Focus Project” Has Launched!

Our very own, Susan Gardner, has launched her new book, “The Focus Project.” Enjoy using this tool with some of your clients! Available here.

Book review from Sheila Smith Delson: “Susan, I just finished reading this fabulous book! Although I’ve known about this venue for decluttering and use it with many clients, what never occurred to me was HOW to use it in such an effective way to provide deeper examination of not just the items, but also the emotions attached to them. This broader approach is enlightening, as it seems to emphasize the fact that we all DO have the power to control (edit) our things. I SO much appreciate this wonderful approach and that you’ve created this fun and practical decluttering method through photography. This book rocks, and so do you! Thanks Susan, this is very exciting and I can’t wait to see what comes of it. Congratulations again!”

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