January Meeting 2011: The ins & outs of couponing with Kelly Hancock

Kelly Hancock

UPDATE: Due to inclement weather we will be offering a SKYPE session along with our in person session.  Please log in to skype and use “afreshspace” to connect with me  I will be online and accepting connection requests.  You will be able to visually see the presentation!

Kelly Hancock, speaker and publisher of the popular blog, Faithful Provisions and her local companion blog Nashville Provisions, is joining us for our January meeting to talk about best practices around couponing.

With our nations’ growing interest in frugality and simple living, using coupons is regaining popularity.  Seems like a simple subject but when a client asks us about it – do you know what to tell them? Many of us may have our own systems, but what’s the best one for your client?  Any time you can help your clients be more productive and save money, it makes you look even better in their eyes!

Blogger, writer and speaker Kelly Hancock will share her expert organizing & money saving tips, which is what so many of our clients need these days. Kelly, who started Faithful Provisions in 2008, will be sharing her insight surrounding Coupon Organization. She will be talk about effective couponing methods and how these systems can work for you and your clients. Bring your questions – and bring any coupon systems you’ve developed as well – we will have sharing time at the end of the session.

Kelly Hancock and her husband, Bradford, are the owners of faithfulprovisions.com. Faithful Provisions is a successful national blog featuring daily deal posts, a coupon data base and recipe box among other things. Since 2005, Kelly is an exile from corporate America when her she became a full-time mother to their then-only child. She knew she had to learn quickly how to live on less than half of their former income. With no special training and an initial repulsion to budgeting of any kind, she figured if she could learn how to do it, anyone could. As she mastered the principles of what she calls, “Grocery Savings” she began sharing her knowledge with others. The concept caught on among her friends and family members and she became passionate about saving money and helping other families to do the same. More recently, when Bradford lost his job and joined Kelly’s efforts,  Faithful Provisions a full-fledged home-based business. Kelly and Bradford have traveled around Tennessee and to other parts of the Southeast taking the message and methodology of Faithful Provisions with them.

Kelly resides with her family in the Nashville, TN area and is an active wife, mother, home educator, blogger, writer, and speaker.

The January meeting will be held as always the 2nd Thursday of the month: January 13, 2011 from 9-10:30.

Our meeting location is at the Boardroom located at 5115 Maryland Way, Brentwood in the Magnolia Room.

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